Here is a list of useful resources related to Video for Change and Impact. Some of them have already been mentioned in the toolkit, some are new.


Video4Change Impact Project

This part of the Video4Change Network’s website deals exclusively about impact. Here you can find great blogposts, literature reviews, our research paper and much more.


How Change Happens 

This section of Britdoc’s excellent Impact Guide elaborates about the differences between ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ change in relation to filmmakers and their work. 


Interviews on Impact

An insightful series of video interviews with participants of the Video4Change Network gathering, sharing what they mean by impact in Video for Change.


Video for Change and Impact Webinar

This online webinar evaluates how impact can be created and how individuals and organizations can measure, monitor, and evaluate the impact of their Video for Change efforts. Experts in the field share experiences, videos and insights, while discussing Video for Change and Impact.


Fledgling Fund

A great website to explore, gather ideas and find references. The Fledgling Fund’s goal is to explore, support, and deepen the role of documentary film and other forms of visual storytelling in larger social change efforts.


This is not a Video Camera

An inspiring talk of InsightShare co-founder Chris Lunch at TEDxIHECS, where he explains what participatory video is all about. 


Harmony Institute

Harmony Institute conducts research to understand how media works; using scientifically-grounded research methods to track how ideas expressed through media affect individuals and society. Browse through their website for inspirations, references and opportunities.


Participatory Video and Most Significant Change Guide

This toolkit by InsightShare is designed to support you in planning and carrying out evaluation using PV with the MSC technique, or PVMSC for short. This is a participatory approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning that amplifies the voices of participants and helps organisations to better understand and improve their programmes.


Garden tools as metaphors for exploring media’s impact

Horticulture uses garden tools as metaphors to provide a fresh, common language for exploring media’s impact. Get creative in how you talk about and design for impact in your Video for Change initiative.


Building Ecosystems for Systems Change

How do we collaborate to create ecosystems that support innovation for systems change? Many leading social change innovators believe that in order to systematically change things an eco-system for change needs to be built. Get introduced to these ideas by reading this reflection on a discussion about this at the 2014 Unusual Suspects Festival


Media Impact Funders

Media Impact Funders is a network of funders, working broadly on media and technology issues, in order to create social change. This website provides, amongst others, valuable information about the state of media-related funding, impact metrics and policy. Substantive projects that demonstrate the power of media in the public interest are highlighted, as well as how funders are using storytelling to advance their missions.


Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. It offers thousands of pages of tips and tools for taking action in communities. Especially useful if you’re looking for ways to make your capacity building activities more interactive and lively.


How Do We Know if We’re Making a Difference?

This website of Active Voice Lab is designed to help you navigate through the expanding and changing landscape of media impact measurement. How Do We Know if We’re Making a Difference? is also a series of in-person conversations, workshops, and online exchanges.