The Video for Change Impact Cookbook is flexible to your needs and context – there are many different ways of doing Video for Change. Your approach will depend on your objectives, your stakeholder’s needs and the limitations and opportunities of the environment you’re working within. 

We have designed this toolkit and the Impact Pathways to be modular: meaning you can use the various components as and when you need. You may be an individual, a film team that’s coming together for a specific project, or part of an existing organisation – you may have a lot of experience with video, or you may just be jumping in – whatever the scenario, you should find the Cookbook helpful. Browse through its contents and move from section to section as you see fit.

This means if you’re just starting your Video for Change initiative, you can begin at the Research and Design section. If you have arrived here mid-way in your project, or you have your own process for designing for impact, you can simply jump in to the relevant section in the Impact Pathways. If you’re already towards the end of your initiative perhaps Evaluation is more useful to you – although we do encourage evaluation as a method throughout your project. If your initiative doesn’t have a capacity building component, you can just skip that section. 

We know Video for Change practitioners often have very limited resources. An overly prescriptive approach is not realistic for many groups working with such restrictions. Therefore our framework, designing for and assessing impact, tries to find the right balance between collecting enough data and stories to support real insights, and creating a structure that is flexible, relevant and achievable.

Lastly, keep in mind that this kit is still in a beta phase. There is much more we intend to do and some sections still to complete. Your feedback highly valuable at this stage, so if you’ve got any comments please contact us.