Capacity Building Before/During/After Filming Engagement, Outreach & Distribution Evaluation


Impact Pathways is a way of thinking about how Video for Change’s values, methods and processes combine to create social change. Impact Pathways is a concept that seeks out points of impact throughout the process of a Video for Change initiative. Starting from research and design, capacity building, production, outreach and distribution, to evaluation.

Impact Pathways is a holistic model that considers all activities and their capacity to create impact, rather than focussing on the effect of the film or video product alone. Initiatives often produce multiple products and engage communities and movements in many ways that traditional feature documentaries or journalism do not.

A Video for Change initiative is often both process-orientated (capacity building) and product orientated (creating compelling videos) and doesn’t value one over the other.

We also apply an agile approach to evaluation. Whilst we’ve put Evaluation at the end of the pathways, we believe that monitoring and evaluation activities should be ongoing throughout the process. Partly because the process itself is a key part of the impact, but also to assist you in better understanding what is and isn’t working as you go along, allowing you to respond accordingly.

Each Impact Pathway, except Evaluation, is explained and divided into three sections:

  • Design it, explaining how to create this element of your initiative.
  • Measure it, giving indicators that will help measure your impact.
  • Resources and Tech, a list of extra online resources that we find useful. 

You can use the sidebar on the right to guide yourself through the different sections.