Most Significant Change

This guide by Rick Davies and Jess Dart is a complete toolkit of how to use this form of participatory monitoring and evaluation.


Participatory Video and Most Significant Change

InsightShare’s handbook designed to support you in planning and carrying out evaluation using ‘participatory video’ with the ‘most significant change’ technique.


Reality Check Approach (RCA)

The RCA is a powerful approach to research for improving the connection between pro-poor policies, their implementation and the people that those policies are supposed to serve. RCA offers donors, development workers and others an opportunity to shed light on whether their policies and interventions are relevant and translate into real improvements in the lives of targeted individuals.


School of Data

This website offers links to a range of online tools which make it easy for you to share and present your data. 


Who is Dayani Cristal?

A great example of how to present both the qualitative and quantitative impact of your video initiative in an engaging way.


Waiting for Superman

An engaging way or presenting a largely quantitative impact evaluation of a feature documentary. Produced by the Harmony Institute, it’s an easy to read overview of what the film has achieved and where its strengths and weaknesses in terms of impact have been.