Communicating your results is important for a number of reasons:

  • Accountability to donors and stakeholders.
  • To gain public support.
  • To support knowledge-building with partners and stakeholders.
  • To allow those involved the opportunity to learn and reflect.
  • To support openness and transparency within your network or organisation and beyond.
  • As a tool to present to future donors about the engagement and ownership of your initiative.

The form and style you choose depends on what you want it to achieve and who it is for. There are many ways, from social media to newspapers to websites to public presentations. It’s helpful to have an online space, or a printed document, that you can circulate for people to download or share. The Who is Dayani Cristal? impact report is a great is example of this.

This is also an opportunity to produce more engagement. Think about what kind of methods you can use to get people commenting, sharing, giving feedback and connecting. This is another product and process, which equals opportunity for impact.

You could engage people on social media, via comments on your own website, in workshops and discussions, via email feedback, in webinars style events, or video conversations. All of these are ways to keep pressing for impact and engagement.