Smartphone Animation Techniques

This Pocker Filmmaker episode shows you how to use your smartphone for stop-motion animation. From tapping away in Twitter’s Vine app, to other more specialist apps like Miniature Pro, Stop Motion Studio and Animation Creator, it presents you the techniques that...

Moving Pictures with Pocket Cameras

This Pocket Filmmaker episode looks at ways that you can add fluid movement to your shots without forking out for incredibly expensive equipment, including several great tips on ways you can hold and move a camera to add a dynamic eye to shots that would otherwise be...

Smooth Aerial Movements with Pocket Cameras

If you’re committed to using a smartphone for your shooting, here’s a few ways to get slick, smooth movement like you’d get from a crane or jib with a bigger camera.

How to Record Better Sound with Phones

This Pocket Filmmaker episode looks at the pitfalls faced by smartphone video-makers in recording pro-quality audio. It shows you the best microphones to have on set with you, or attached to your phone, to make sure your films sound as good as they look.

Lenses to Turn Phones into Pocket Cameras

Pocket Filmmaker looks at detachable lenses that can turn your smartphone into a pocketable cameras, including stick-on wide, macro, and fisheye lenses; and super-cheap polarizing Jelly lenses.