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For ten years Small World News has been dedicated to supporting journalists and activists in under-served communities around the world. We specialize in mobile media tools and how to use them to tell quality, compelling stories. Our core team of trainers and our network of regional partners have worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Rwanda, Libya, Serbia and beyond.

We believe that journalism and storytelling are an essential part of strong civil society. Today mobile technology allows people living in crisis areas to engage internationally as never before. From simple SMS/IVR projects to advance video storytelling, Small World news has provided training and resources to organizations and individuals globally with the mission of helping them make their voice heard.

Small World News was started in 2005 with ‘Alive in Baghdad,’ a weekly news video blog that employed Iraqi journalists to produce stories on daily life in Iraq following the Second Gulf War. Alive in Baghdad was the first of several similar projects including Alive in Mexico, Alive in Gaza, Alive in Tehran and Alive in Afghanistan. Today we also offers media training, a series of guidebooks and consulting services.

Small Word News is currently a key partner in the development of StoryMaker, a free Android-based app that provides users an all-in-one platform to produce and share video, audio and photo stories. StoryMaker offers a built-in package of learning guides and templates to help users make their stories great.


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August 29, 2013