EngageMedia is a non-profit media, technology, and culture organisation. EngageMedia uses the power of video, the Internet, and open technologies to create social and environmental change. We harness old and new media to assist movements challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to present solutions.

EngageMedia works with independent film-makers, journalists, technologists, campaigners, and social movements to generate wider audiences for stories of social change, to intervene in the public discourse, and to move people to action.

We demystify and provide strategies for the effective use of video distribution and engagement technologies; connect video makers and activists to media distributors and audiences; and form peer networks of media-makers, technologists and campaigners.

Organisational Aims

The core aims of EngageMedia are to:

  • Engage communities and networks in the production and distribution of social and environmental justice media.
  • Strengthen social movements by fostering and mobilizing networks of media makers, activists, and technologists.
  • Amplify the impact of campaigners and media makers by building skills in video production, distribution, and engagement.
  • Promote the use and understanding of open and secure technologies.
  • Strengthen and expand digital rights.
  • Shape public discourse and contribute to debates about media, technologies, and civil rights.

Posted on

May 27, 2015