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Coviewing Films in the Time of Covid-19

Coviewing Films in the Time of Covid-19

Film festival organizations and filmmakers are noticeably making their works available to the public at this time when most of us are under lockdown. Unlike short advocacy videos, films premiered and shown in festivals are rarely accessible to the public. Surely, the...

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Let's use this #lockdown time to reflect on why #violence is so normal in our lives and conversations aren't. Let's dig deep and ask ourselves, who can be violent towards whom? When our children grow up watching this around them, what is it that they learn? #BaatonKeBooth

Para este fin de semana, un ritual de limpieza digital:
🍹 Prepara tus snacks o bebidas favoritas
🎶 Una buena playlist
Y sigue estos pasos:
https://protege.la/como-limpiar-tu-celular-externa-e-internamente/ #HigieneDigital #DetoxDigital

Let’s talk about #COVID19, #climatecrisis and FUTURE!
Watch this insightful webinar hosted by @fff_europe featuring journalist and author @NaomiAKlein , @WHO climate change & health leader Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, @GretaThunberg and Ariadne Papatheodorou: https://lght.ly/n042d2