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A honour 2 be part of @CSiWproject family & connect 2 share skills & knowledge that enhance knowledge production. in @refugeelawproj is effective in pushing 4 action when advocating 4 the vulnerable. @DigitalDenz @Kiconcoa @witnessorg @RealStoriesGF @DrChrisDolan

Here's one of my favorite videos from @SmallWorldNews last training with @IRIGlobal for #Libya activists and citizen journalists in #Tunis - Ghat Municipality Faces Water Shortages - Citizen Journalism Final Video https://t.co/37xVO3E9Pc

“If you lose your culture, you lose you identity. Our kids have been moving to towns & losing their #culture & #language. But we are training them in #ParticipatoryVideo. Producing videos, the children are now teaching the adults our culture” - Fatuma Diba, Gabbra woman #kenya