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"When you move around the refugee settlements, you'll realise the demand for this course is high yet we don't have the capacity to take in everyone. So for you who have got the opportunity please attend your classes" @suealup in her closing remarks.

Amal Nakhleh's administrative detention was recently extended until May 2022, in spite of him suffering from a rare illness. Now, according to media reports, he has also contracted COVID-19. B'Tselem calls the release of Amal, and all administrative detainees. https://twitter.com/btselem/status/1463128812800167936

@InformAction_KE Executive Director @WinnieMasai has raised concern over continued defiance of the courts & the Constitution by various players in the electoral process. She also called out IEBC for dancing to political parties' tunes & failing to safeguard electoral integrity.

"En 2020 desde SocialTIC documentamos cómo los activismos estaban cambiando con la pandemia en México🇲🇽 y Colombia🇨🇴 Uno de los retos principales en lo digital son los ataques como zoombombing, amenazas y acoso" - @Haydeki

Aquí la investigación ➡️ https://infoactivismo.org/movilizarnos-en-pandemia-experiencias-de-activismo-digital/

Have you gotten a chance to dig into our report on the dilemmas that come with authenticity infrastructure?

You can also just head over to our Tracing Trust series for an overview of key issues 😉

Watch it here: http://wit.to/TracingTrust-Playlist https://twitter.com/witnessorg/status/1486383433551020037

The 5 Cs of critical media consumption can help you identify and combat #misinformation and #disinformation:

- Credibility
- Context
- Compare
- Corroborate
- Construction

Learn more from @witness_africa in their latest #VerifyBeforeSharing campaign resource! https://twitter.com/witness_africa/status/1484475954453958657

Historical records are critical to #justice & challenging #antisemitism. We must continue to work together to collect & protect evidence of #atrocities and ensure #NeverAgain.
#InternationalDayofCommemorationinMemoryoftheVictimsoftheHolocaust #MemoryDignityJustice

[email protected] curates a collection of films that spark hope and inspire collective action through the stories of people and communities prevailing amidst societal challenges.

Watch the 10 films in the "Stories of Hope" playlist on @cinemata:


What does the US-China rivalry mean for #SoutheastAsia and the world? Part 1 of this series on the geopolitics of #ArtificialIntelligence looks at the two superpowers' strategies for asserting dominance in the #AI and tech space.

Read: https://engagemedia.org/2022/artificial-intelligence-geopolitics

How can we push telecommunications companies to protect people by resisting orders for #InternetShutdowns?

@AdebayOkeowo @witness_africa gives insight on ways forward: http://wit.to/ShutdownsHuddle


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