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Video4Change Network Updates, May 2021

Video4Change Network Updates, May 2021

The Video4Change Network continues to amplify the voices of women’s groups and other marginalised sectors through the use of video and technology, empowering them to advocate for their concerns while maximising engagement with other members of their respective communities.

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🧵1/5: Did you know that a language is at risk of facing extinction when less than 20k people speak it? In the @guardian Science Weekly podcast, @R_CamaraLeret talks about the importance of documenting Indigenous knowledge from #LivingCultures, cultures that are still alive...

Israeli security forces spray Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan with foul smelling water. Collectively punishing all residents. https://twitter.com/nirhasson/status/1406476727858122756

Catch Nor Arlene Tan, co-director of Selfie with the Prime Minister on BFM Radio discussing her non-typical approach to filming a story about Ziaur Rahman. a Rohingya refugee.
To hear the full episode click https://buff.ly/3wJw3Z4

Today we honour the 80+ million people who have been forced to flee war, conflicts & persecution. By combining law with technology, eyeWitness seeks to deliver #justice for the world's worst crimes and end #impunity: https://www.eyewitness.global/our-impact #withrefugees #WorldRefugeeDay

Through #M4SC, we not only promote voice for refugees, but also skill refugee youth on videography in the settlements of Adjumani, Lamwo and Kiryandongo. The BVA trainings have given refugee youth purpose and promoted human rights
@video4change @witnessorg

Check out our work supporting lawyers & incarcerated individuals in using video to mitigate prison sentences & advocate for decarceration through clemency and parole.

To read more and find resources: http://wit.to/LegalVideoAdvocacy

For the month of June, @cinemata is hosting the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (@TheCCPofficial) Pride and Independence screenings that celebrate both Pride Month and the month of the Philippines’ Independence Day.

Read more here: https://engagemedia.org/2021/cinemata-cultural-center-philippines/.

New article from @LexisNexis about the eyeWitness app and how it empowers #humanrights documenters. Featuring @IBANews and @MarkEllisIBA and eyeWitness Director, Wendy Betts, the article shows exactly how & why eyeWitness was founded: https://stories.relx.com/eyewitness/index.html #NPtech #Tech4Good

EVERYONE has the right to film US immigration enforcement if you don't interfere.

Remember to:
- Assess risks
- Lock phone w 6 digit passcode
- Include details (who, what, where, when)
- Focus on agents
- Share ethically
- Preserve media

Download tips:http://wit.to/Filming-ImmigrationEnforcement

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