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The Video4Change Network welcomes six new members

The Video4Change Network welcomes six new members

After our successful call for applications last August 2020, we are happy to finally introduce the following six video for change organisations that have been welcomed to the Video4Change Network. These organisations were chosen from the almost 20 applications the Network received and through a thorough selection process wherein all existing members were heard.

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Video4Change Network Updates, September 2020

Video4Change Network Updates, September 2020

As a Network, we have seen video being put to work in trying to document and raise awareness for moments of hope and solidarity, but also to address and lay bare moments of abuse of power and violent authoritarianism. Video makers are adapting to the new situation and are finding ways to investigate what’s happening to affected communities on the frontlines or continue projects they were forced to put on hold for a while.

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The Basics of Video Resolution

The Basics of Video Resolution

With smartphones, DSLRs, and monitor brands racking up on 4K and even 8K offerings, a good understanding of the basics of video resolution is timely. Resolution has an overall effect on the image quality of videos. The higher the resolution, the clearer a video will be. Resolution also affects the file size of videos.

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Video4Change Network welcomes Picture People!
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¿Buscas herramientas de antivirus y antimalware? Instalar un antivirus es una barrera de protección de #SeguridadDigital en tus dispositivos (imagina que actúa como un cuberbocas) 💡

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Israel’s policy of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip demonstrates yet again that the use of so-called warning missiles fails to achieve its goal. It is unreasonable to expect civilians to grasp within minutes what they must do in order to save their families.

Our way forward with @video4change #network, featuring #documentary based #organization https://www.instagram.com/p/CGaM3lZMfed/?igshid=16604n7a5vvtk

We organized the first Southeast Asia-centered meeting on #deepfakes preparedness and solutions.

Learn what stakeholders in #journalism, #technology, #humanrights, #activism and other sectors prioritized for response efforts.

Read the report: http://wit.to/DeepfakesAsia


Our guidance on using your phone to expose abuse + #AbolishICE has been translated into 5 languages— and it has translated into an animated video for the #WeHaveRights series!

Watch it here in English: http://vimeo.com/447225087


Peaceful assembly is a human right and so is the #RightToRecord. To film police misconduct & gather valuable #video evidence, follow our tips: https://library.witness.org/product/filming-protests-demonstrations-police-conduct/ #Thailand #WhatsHappeningInThailand #protests #policebrutality https://twitter.com/6yourw/status/1315945395680210946

Filming protests with a partner or team allows you to capture multiple angles & perspectives, leading to more compelling video + better evidence for legal proceedings. More tips: https://library.witness.org/product/filming-in-teams-protests-demonstrations-rallies/ #Thailand #protests #policebrutality #videoasevidence https://twitter.com/khaosodenglish/status/1316303696280518657

Catch this @DaangDokyu masterclass today at 2 PM (Manila Time)! https://twitter.com/EngageMedia/status/1315552441207726080

WATCH our webinar on Documenting and Exposing Human Rights Violations in Nigeria. Our expert panelists share best practices, tools and strategies for embarking on reliable human rights research, fact finding and visual documentation https://www.pscp.tv/w/clQvzzFtTUtQdlZsb0JZRUd8MUJkeFlud1BrT1pLWF_fWeRQmiB90wAod-UQ-phPE6kB9Orm8ZQypnDA9Enh

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