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“In times of #InternetShutdowns, video is a powerful means of ensuring that truth does not die in the dark.” - @AdebayOkeowo @witness_africa

Learn how documenters exposed abuse during presidential elections in #Uganda + more takeaways: http://wit.to/ShutdownsHuddle


🧵At least 200 people have been killed in #Zamfara. We must seek #justice for those affected. How & why is @eyewitnessorg partner Hassan John using the eyeWitness 📷 app to capture #evidence of village attacks in #Nigeria? (1/4)


ICYMI: In our latest newsletter, the first in 2022, we discuss #COVID19 and #digitalrights, zeroing in on the #vaccinepassport debate and the rising digital authoritarianism in the Asia-Pacific along with job opportunities and other updates.


Are you documenting potential #humanrights abuses at a #protest? Our guide provides tips on:
- How to prepare.
- How to capture potential #evidence with the @eyewitnessorg 📷 app.
- What to do afterwards with your @eyewitnessorg footage to aid #justice.


An effective #COVID19 management tool or a Pandora's box for data privacy? The Omicron surge in the Asia-Pacific is reviving debates on vaccine passports, particularly the #digitalsecurity and #privacy risks in their implementation.

More here: https://engagemedia.org/2021/covid-vaccine-passport/

#Backup is key to ensuring your data and documentation are not accidentally deleted, corrupted, or lost.

Download this video tutorial to learn how to backup media without a computer or internet connection: http://wit.to/BackUp-Shutdowns-Video


Collaborations between lawyers and filmmakers are a crucial part of legal advocacy videos!

We are looking for filmmakers to support video initiatives around clemency, parole & sentencing mitigation.

Are you interested in volunteering?
👉 http://wit.to/CallforFilmmakers


As govts respond to social unrest with #InternetShutdowns across #LatinAmerica, frontline documenters record evidence of #HumanRights abuse with various tactics, including #video.

@IndiraCornelio @witness_es writes: http://wit.to/Tactics-LatAm-Blog


Also in Spanish 👇 https://twitter.com/witness_es/status/1482025972874555394

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RnWWm8sMDcSanitation workers protested that they have been given short trousers. Only after their protest TN GVT passed order; sweepers to be provided full pants. This worker says; only when you wear half pant someone can get into the ditch or a drain

A follow up on the Mwachande Bridge demo that was held on 29/09/2021. Today the government convoy with various Permanent Secretaries visited the bridge site to meet the contractor for contraction of the bridge which is expected to start anytime from now. https://twitter.com/InformAction_KE/status/1443133367290105857

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