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Understanding the Right to Record

Activists and civil society should discuss what the Right to Record really means and how to uphold an individual’s ability to record the acts of oppression and injustice, which can expose human rights abuses to the world.

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Are you allowed to record someone without their permission? Did you know that some constitutions allow you to take photographs & videos of things that are plainly visible from public spaces? Learn about the 'Right To Record' project of @Witness https://t.co/lQmB2fo11p

Our @InformAction_KE Mombasa Field coordinator @mamusule telling the plight of the people of Magaoni and stressing our role in empowering communities to take action. @SimekhaJME @WinnieMasai @IvyKihara @KIOSFoundation @ForumSydHubESA @jalody_rotich @IsmailZema @Ashamuktar2