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Thank you so much for attending our webinar on Data Transparency amidst COVID-19 vaccine roll out in Indonesia! For those who missed it, these are the key points from the event:

Happening now, residents protest at the border of Tetu and Nyeri constituencies where roads were cut of after the only bridge linking the area was swept by floods

For most of us, the home is a safe and secure space. This is not the case for Palestinians.

In the coming days, we will present cases that occurred throughout Oct. & Nov. 2020 across the West Bank. During these months, security forces entered 493 homes.

¿Una internet más saludable es posible? ✨ Te compartimos el informe de @mozilla en español para que conozcas los retos digitales del presente y el futuro 📲


#FilmMakers: only a few days left to submit your proposals for documentaries on religious minority issues in #Asia!

#HumanRightsFilm #ReligiousMinorities


@fa_sunflower About the video: Gone and Back is a timely short film produced by Sunflower Film Alliance - @fa_sunflower (a volunteer team operated by Sunflower Film Organisation) that reminds viewers about the perils of ignoring health protocols during this public health crisis.

Day 3 of Citizen Journalism training at KAG East University, Kisumu #IFADiary https://twitter.com/InformAction_KE/status/1364480138226892803

Join in tomorrow at 6 pm with @Ianwarulhoda and @RajeshG68845511 for a live discussion on our FB and YouTube channel simultaneously.
#videovolunteers #livevideo #communitymedia #chhattisgarh

#CandlelightVigil Against Communal Pogrom | For Anti-CAA Activists languishing in Jails | Join at Jantar Mantar, for a Citizen's Candle Light Vigil at 4 pm.

Soldiers harass Da’na family at their home, threaten the occupants and present a marble they claimed a child threw at a nearby settlement.

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