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With the dominance of big tech video platforms, do independent video platforms still matter? Learn about the opportunities and challenges when hosting an independent video platform at the 8th Video4Change Learning Session with @EngageMedia and @Cinemata.


Australia adopted technology-based responses to #COVID19, but this approach resulted in "solutions" that ranged from outright ineffective to actively punitive.

Read @samfloreani's article from the Pandemic of Control series: https://engagemedia.org/2022/pandemic-control-australia

A ground report on Internet usage in Panchla Block @HowrahDistrict @HowrahMunicipal @Dot_WB_LSA @DoT_India @IAMAIForum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sh83daCl70

Now: Israeli police sent a lever to remove Palestinian flags that were hung on an electric cable in Baten al-Hawa, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of its residents live under risk of loosing their homes to settlers.
Video: Sarit Michaeli (B’Tselem)

Bagaimana melindungi remaja dari konten di dunia maya yang berbahaya seperti paham radikalisme dan ekstrimisme? Mari simak podcast Ruang Publik kolaborasi EngageMedia dan @beritaKBR: https://podcast.kbrprime.id/fznoddc

¿No eres parte de la comunidad #LGBTIQ+ pero quieres mostrar tu apoyo y solidaridad? 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🥰

Aquí una Guía breve de #ActivismoDigital para personas aliadas
https://infoactivismo.org/guia-de-activismo-digital-para-aliadxs-lgbt/ vía @Info_Activismo

WITNESS has led a "prepare, don't panic" approach to #deepfakes and synthetic media. Deepfake detection tools must be accompanied with necessary expertise and resources to use them.

Here's what we learned from facilitating global workshops: https://blog.witness.org/2021/07/deepfake-detection-skills-tools-access/

📢 Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School
Calling all creatives, filmmakers, storytellers and citizen journalists! Applications are still open - but hurry up! Only a few fee-paying places left.

❗ https://www.picturepeople.org/cinema-advocacy-human-rights-summer-school

#BiennaleCinema2022 @gchumanrights

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In #Indonesia, adherents of indigenous religions often face targeted hate speech for expressing their religious beliefs online.

'Lara Beragama di Mayantara' (The Hurtful Religious Cyberspace) looks into the struggles of minoritised religious groups.


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