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At the #CrisisReporting webinar hosted by @ICFJKnight @SamGregory spoke about what deepfakes are, how they are being used maliciously in news and journalistic contexts, and what the approaches are to challenging, verifying and detecting them.

Watch: http://buff.ly/3l0ZfGJ

We are happy to announce that our screening event will open with an awesome spoken word and music performance by 4 socially engaged artists. So be at the PJLA Theatre in Jaya One, tomorrow, Tuesday 17 May 2022 by 7.15pm.

Register for FREE now at http://bit.ly/FilmItChangeIt

Read Amneh's full testimony, and the testimonies of other Palestinians who have lost their loved ones and their homes:

@EngageMedia with film curator and archiving advocate A/Prof Rose Roque, showcases a rare collection of films that focuses on key audiovisual works highlighting collective political filmmaking during the early to mid-1980s in the Philippines.


Trabajamos con activistas desde hace 10 años para apoyarles en sus campañas e incidencia aprovechando las herramientas digitales 🤜🤛

Para más contenido de activismo digital 👉@Info_Activismo

Gracias por formar parte del cambio social 🔥 #10AñosSocialTIC

The Media for Social Change team of @refugeelawproj has today rolled out a 2-week @NLinUganda funded Basic Video Advocacy training boot camp. A group of 15 refugee & host trainees frm Kiryandongo acquiring skills 2 help them amplify the voice of the voiceless in their communities

The parents, active citizens, and the whole town demands that the Sherpur Kalan Government school to be upgraded to 12th standard. Authorities please heed to their demands. @SchoolEduPunjab @punjab_hed Please review the video. #Ludhiana #Punjab


Join us next week to watch the 3 social films produced by the recipients of the #FreedomFilmFest film grant, for the first time on BIG SCREEN.
The screening will be followed by sharing by the filmmakers on how their film had made an impact.
Register at http://bit.ly/FilmItChangeIt

A Kalalani resident from Kwale county shares here expectations of Azimio's leadership during Railas meeting the Duruma elders. #AreWeReady #GeneralElectionsKE #WathcDiscussAct

Like Meniti Senja, your story too can reach different audiences and influence national policies.

Submit your story now for the #FreedomFilmFest Film Grant at https://freedomfilm.my/pandemik-dua-darjat/film-grant/

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