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1/3 The number of people killed in the bombing in a-Rimal has reached 42, here are the names of 8 more fatalities:
Lana Riyad Hassan Ishkuntana, 3 years old
Subhiyeh Isma'il Abi al-'Oaf, 73 years old
Majdiyeh Khalil Abu al- 'Oaf, 82 years old
Rajaa Subhi al-Afranji, 41 years old https://twitter.com/btselem/status/1393979794816184323

Archiving video can be a radical means of resistance.

Securing the possibilities for justice in the future must be pursued with an eye on ethics and security.

Make this easier by using our decision tree made with @txafterviolence project: http://wit.to/Archive-DecisionTree-US https://twitter.com/BergisJules/status/1391776784786632707

'There are no doctors, nurses, support staff or medicines to look after the sick'

The condition of inmates inside the Taloja jail is very grim, claimed friends and family members of those arrested, including 84-year-old Father Stan Swamy

Our #VVCOVIDWarrior Yashodhara Salve from Surendranagar, Gujarat has distributed PPE kits for sanitation workers and ration kits to those severely affected by the self-imposed lockdown.

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Online safety can impact physical security. If you’re participating in the protests in Colombia, share these tips on using PutMask, Kinemaster, or iMovie to keep people that appear in your videos safer from retaliation.

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1/14 Killing blockaded civilians and destroying infrastructure on a massive scale:
Israel is committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip


Celebrate National Youth Day by amplifying these SIX young Orang Asli women’s voices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANEhSv7CnoA&t=13s

Our #VVCOVIDWarrior of the day is Rohini Pawar @RohiniP33359665!

In the coming weeks, we'll feature more of our Community Correspondents and employees engaged in relief work.😷🛏

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Archiving videos of human rights abuses is one way to affirm and honor the power of your community’s stories. It also comes with its own risks and challenges to navigate.

Download our decision tree made with @txafterviolence before you begin #archiving: http://wit.to/Archive-DecisionTree-US

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