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We need to build solutions for #disinformation that are at the scale of problem and don’t further disadvantage vulnerable populations - some ideas on how to here: https://blog.witness.org/2020/05/authenticity-infrastructure/ #skollwf

APPLY NOW! The 16th Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School is now accepting applications.

Developed jointly by @picture___people and @gchumanrights

🌟Learn more and apply: https://www.picturepeople.org/summer-school 🌟

#CHRASchool #HumanRights #MediaActivism

We're excited about the #ClosingtheDistance Between Fact & Fake: #Disinformation Solutions session at the @SkollFoundation World Forum on April 13. @AdebayOkeowo will be speaking on the panel!

Sign up and we’ll see you there: http://skoll.wf/schedule


How can verifiable photos and videos be combined with satellite imagery and #opensourceinvestigations to seek #justice? Learn more: https://www.eyewitness.global/Using-verifiable-footage-to-fight-for-adequate-housing-in-Ukraine #OpenSource #Ukraine

How has covid-19 affected #universaljurisdiction cases? Learn more from @Trial's latest review. #internationaljustice https://twitter.com/Trial/status/1381519228667371531

More than 3,50,000 tea garden workers in #WestBengal work to ensure you get your daily hot cuppa.🍵
And yet, such a significant number of people have been neglected for decades and denied their basic rights.

Our Community Correspondent Puja Thakur reports

Ongoing engagement meeting between Kakamega Tea Farmers and relevant County Government officials from the Assembly & Executive. The objective is to establish why the tea factory has not been constructed since 2015 and yet every year millions are set aside for its construction.

In 2019, #Indigenous Leaders formed the Pan African Living Cultures Alliance, whose mission is to safeguard communities’ #bioculturalrights, support #intergenerational transmission, preserve #Indigenouslanguages & promote traditional governance of natural resources.

Filming #HumanRightsViolations can be dangerous. Prioritize your safety & security, and follow these guidelines for filming your #video evidence of the #MyanmarCoup. https://twitter.com/WITNESS_Asia/status/1379733000670171138

InformAction's Community Action Team in Mombasa stages a flash mob demonstration against the Kenya government after it reimposed Covid-19 measures in a partial lockdown and new curfew. They protested massive job loss with growing debt and runaway corruption #WatchDiscussAct

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