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The fight to #FreeWestPapua has included communities gathering and harnessing knowledge of navigating #InternetShutdowns.

Follow these tips in #Bahasa Indonesia to set up your phone for offline documentation: http://wit.to/SetUp-Blog-IND


La semaine prochaine est la #JournéeInternationaleDeLaTraduction. Saviez-vous que la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme détient le record du monde Guinness comme document le plus traduit ? Elle existe dans plus de 500 langues : https://www.un.org/fr/observances/international-translation-day

15-20 @Fraternity_movt protestors detained from Assam Bhawan New Delhi for protesting against the illegal eviction and killing of Bengali Muslims in Assam. Reportedly taken to Mandir Marg police station

Catch PJ Thum as he talks about the importance of independent media, significance of sharing unbiased information and the journey of TOC through the documentary film “An Online Citizen".

Listen here: https://bit.ly/bfmonlinecitizen
Watch Here: https://buff.ly/3hYM5cr

Since #ArabSpring, activists have had to navigate #InternetShutdowns in order to expose abuse and mobilize.

Our #EyesOnShutdowns campaign builds on this tradition through sharing documentation tactics that facilitate resistance.

Learn more: http://wit.to/Eyes-On-Shutdowns

ASHA Workers of India demand dignity and respect for the important duties they have been doing during the pandemic and otherwise.

#DeshKiASHA #ASHAWorkers #frontlineworkers #healthworkers #minimumwage #SafetyAndSecurity #videovolunteers #covid19
#healthcare #health

“We need to hear more from the voices of older persons because they are the experts!” 🎤 We are piloting a #ParticipatoryVideo Voice project for the @UNDecadeAgeing, led by the WHO, training older people in 4 countries to make films to engage with communities & decision makers…

@Cinemata Featured Video: “Yellow Dust Storms - Enemy From the North” from @NestJournalism: https://cinemata.org/view?m=tSkiTLHxS.

Prepare for an #InternetShutdown before it happens. Set up your phone for offline documentation of #HumanRights violations.

Download our video tutorial to your PC or phone so you have our instructions on hand: http://wit.to/SetUp-Shutdown-Video


Don't miss this opportunity to take action through film! 🌿 🌎 🎥 #MakingPeaceWithNature #Act4SDGs https://twitter.com/MobileFilmFest/status/1432644006433931270

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