eyeWitness to Atrocities

The proliferation of smartphones and social media has increased awareness about human rights violations that might otherwise go unreported. However, digital data is easy to manipulate. Consequently, even footage depicting heinous crimes, if it cannot be verified, may be of little use to legal authorities investigating or prosecuting the perpetrators.

At eyeWitness, our vision is a world where those who commit the worst international crimes are held responsible for their actions. We provide an innovative solution, combining law and technology to equip human rights defenders to record these crimes and safeguard the footage in a confidential, secure, and verifiable manner.

We work in close partnerships with civil society organisations, activists, journalists, litigation groups, and investigators. We provide our partners with a free mobile app to capture verifiable photos and video as well as capacity strengthening on how and what to film, feedback on the footage they capture. All information recorded with the eyeWitness app is reviewed by a team of lawyers who tag and catalogue this visual evidence to meet the requirements of investigators. With the consent of our partners, eyeWitness then provides the footage to those who can act upon this information.


Posted on

October 20, 2020