Biru Terong Initiative

Biru Terong Initiative creates, works with, and uses audiovisual media as a tool for learning and exploration. We use video to document indigenous knowledge and build the capacity of communities to progress and prosper, support their livelihoods, and contribute to social transformation.

We collaborate with filmmakers, artists, and indigenous communities in Indonesia in an exchange of knowledge and experience and provide support with capacity building, content creation and production, and the effective exhibiting of results. We partner with local NGOs who work for women empowerment and the preservation of local wisdom and culture.

Our approach is to reach out to remote communities that often lack access to information & opportunities. These are indigenous communities that have expressed a need for support related to the effective use of audiovisual material and a wish to collaborate with organizations that have a similar vision and could make use of their videos to support their programs.


Posted on

October 20, 2020