Picture People

Don’t you sometimes feel overwhelmed and saturated by stories of abuse, violence, and injustice? Don’t you sometimes want to switch off and get away from it all? We at Picture People, more than ever, are committed to supporting filmmakers and activists in making use of the incredible potential of visual images and digital technologies to break people’s indifference and lethargy. We aim to change the narrative and instill the belief that a call to action for positive change is possible.

Since 2004, Picture People has been promoting the creative education of diverse peoples, particularly those living in marginalized and vulnerable communities, to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence in using video as a strategic tool for producing and using films to address social injustice with the ultimate aim to advocate for a better and more just future.

We identify places and communities where human rights film activity is most relevant, but lack space for learning, sharing stories and ideas, and producing films with an impact. We work closely with local organizations to shape our training programs to local, social, and environmental concerns.

We use smart and creative approaches in using media and emerging technologies to make people sit up, listen, and act.


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October 20, 2020