Refugee Law Project

The Refugee Law Project (RLP) is a community outreach project established in 1999 and works around the promotion of human rights of all including asylum seekers, refugees, deportees, IDPs, and host communities in Uganda. Its vision and mission are implemented and achieved through 4 thematic programs of:

  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Access to Justice
  • Mental Health & Psycho-social Well-being
  • Conflict, Transitional Justice & Governance
  • Media for Social Change.

It’s through the Media for Social Change (M4SC) program that RLP’s work on video advocacy and media tools are used to engage various constituencies such as clients, partners, duty bearers, policymakers, and donors.

While the different programs engage in activities that equally support clients and partners to ensure all enjoy their human rights, the M4SC uniquely packages all advocacy content and offers a supportive role besides its own activities such as the production of advocacy videos/films, capacity building of youth in video skills training, facilitating film screenings, and running the Wakimbizi film festival and building its archive.


Posted on

October 20, 2020