The Basics of Video Resolution

The Basics of Video Resolution

With smartphones, DSLRs, and monitor brands racking up on 4K and even 8K offerings, a good understanding of the basics of video resolution is timely. Resolution has an overall effect on the image quality of videos. The higher the resolution, the clearer a video will be. Resolution also affects the file size of videos.

Video as Evidence Field Guide

At the core of WITNESS is our steadfast conviction that video is a uniquely powerful tool for human rights change. But citizen video doesn’t often reach a standard for it to be considered legal evidence; and simultaneously, legal systems around the world have been...

Video as Evidence: Developing a Collection Plan

This section of the Video as Evidence Field Guide explains how a Collection Plan can help investigators and lawyers communicate their needs to frontline activists so the footage activists collect can better support a legal case. It is an advanced practice for...

Concealing Identity Techniques

This video covers general techniques for concealing the identity of your interview subject, with a focus on using a window and manual functions to create a silhouette effect. While the video provides technical instructions for using the Canon HF M32, the...

Video Production Basics

Basic tips for creating aesthetically appealing videos, including framing your shots and setting up interviews.