This guide explores security issues in the different video production and distribution processes. When possible, it offers guide questions that video activists should consider, and solutions that they can take.



The Secure My Video Guide initially grew from a one day sprint, hosted by EngageMedia, held in Jakarta on 27 July 2011. Where possible, information gathered during the sprint has been reviewed, cross-referenced, re-drafted and added to the most appropriate issues and solutions.

We did not set out to provide answers to all the questions raised nor provide a comprehensive response to the issues videographers face. What we did achieve, however, is a contribution towards the work being done by groups such as WITNESS and Tactical Tech, specifically noting the issues faces by video activists in Indonesia.

What was clear from this process was the need for more training, more consciousness raising to the issues raised throughout this guide. There is a paucity of security and media literacy knowledge in Indonesia, there is even less access to the skills to secure video from inception through to distribution and archiving.


Video surveillance sign, Tallinn, Sweden
(Photo by Hans Põldoja, CC BY)

In 2012, through funding from Internews, we had the opportunity to update the guide. Drawing on the experience of a broader and global video4change network, we made some significant changes to the guide to reflect new trends in technology and to answer some of the questions posted in the original version.

As an open work-in-progress, as security strategies in general should always be updated, we encourage the ongoing development through review and contributions from our networks, friends and colleagues of the Secure My Video Guide.