Over the last few years, ‘the cloud’ has been an increasingly viable option for large volume storage. Services like Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and other companies that offer free and paid options, are becoming popular options for file-sharing and storage. There are benefits to using them: access to your files from anywhere and from any computer; server maintenance is the responsibility of the host; etc.

From a security standpoint, if you choose to use these cloud services to store your vides, there are a few limitations:

  • it requires access to low-cost broadband, and secure access and funds to cover storage on cloud based back-up services

  • you will need to make sure that the cloud hosting service you choose has secure connection

  • to be safe, you will need to encrypt your files before uploading them on such services

  • these services are liable to the laws and policies of the countries where they are registered — as such, they can be forced to give up information about their users and their users data