Video edited by EngageMedia Video Lead King Catoy


“The Absolute Power to Choose” brings us to Kenya, where Video4Change Network partner InformAction has used video to change the lives of the villagers from Raya, one road at a time.

After seeing their story on video, the Raya community was empowered to work with their local government to fix their village roads. Today, these new roads have allowed them to better trade their produce with other neighbouring farmers.

“‘The Absolute Power to Choose’ has been almost like a stage whereby you use it to go to the next level. You screen it and then people take action”, says Anthony Mathenge, who works on the ground for InformAction. “Video for Change is the way to go”.

Filmmaker Anthony Mathenge worked with InformAction on their video for change initiative in Kenya

This Impact Story from Kenya is one of many stories based on the Video for Change Impact Toolkit, a guide on how to strategise, maximise, and evaluate the impacts of your video initiative. In essence, Impact Stories narrate the events surrounding a Video for Change initiative.

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