The Video4Change Network hosted a five-day gathering of grassroots video practitioners in South Africa.

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Egbert Wits, the Learning Manager of Video for Change and the Project Manager of Video for Change Impact Toolkit, writes what happened on the first day at the #video4change Grassroots Gathering.

From October 9 – 14, 2019, 40 hosts and delegates from all over the world met at Bertha Foundation’s Retreat in Stellenbosch, Capetown, South Africa. The majority of the participants came from the African continent and worked to expand the Pan African Living Cultures Alliance (PALCA). The event focused on knowledge sharing, skills building, and exploring collaboration around video advocacy on shared issues amongst video for change practitioners.

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Egbert Wits shares some of the highlights from the five days of sharing, connecting, amplifying, and learning by the participants of the #video4change Grassroots Gathering.

The event was organised by Video4Change network member InsightShare, with the support of EngageMedia and Witness, and funded by the Bertha Foundation.

EngageMedia’s video lead, King Catoy is an independent documentary filmmaker and alternative media practitioner in the Philippines. He has directed numerous videos and trained indigenous and urban poor communities and alternative media practitioners on video production.